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Alipay is normally a China-structured online payment program similar to PayPal. Alipay can be used to pay by mobile phone. We will make clear how payment works with Alipay and what else you have to know about the repayment service provider.

alipay rechargeAlipay was founded in 2004 and is certainly a well-regarded mainly in China online payment service , which can be utilized in a few German stores already. Alipay usually meets German consumers when buying on line in China, for example at Alibaba. More than half a million consumers already trust the Chinese payment service and practice their obligations with Alipay.

To shop in Chinese retailers, no Alipay consideration is necessary. Most web stores accept payment via PayPal or credit card. However, if you are frequently on the road in China and even contain a Chinese profile, the application of Alipay (also cellular) is interesting, since it is currently also among the most popular payment strategies in China beyond the Internet.

What is Alipay?

Alipay is an online payment assistance and works substantially like PayPal. You can connect your credit cards with the Alipay system and then no longer have to enter credit cards information to pay in the shop. The payment is normally via Alipay.

How does indeed Alipay work?

In case you have logged into your Alipay bill, you can see the previous transactions here.

Alipay has a fixed accounts limit at the start of use . As a way to pay higher amounts, you need to discover yourself. All that is necessary images of the front and rear of your ID card to be uploaded with alipay wallet . Within 7-10 days the accounts will come to be verified and unlocked for bigger amounts.

Charge Alipay profile via credit card

To spend via Alipay, you can utilize a debit card or debit card. Alipay accepts Visa and Mastercard. To add a map, hover over “Settings” and select “Manage your cards” . Here after that you can enter your credit card specifics by simply clicking “Add cards” and connecting your Alipay bill to the card.

Also, prepaid credit cards works extremely well in Alipay. So you are – despite high security standards – usually on the secure side.

However, the repayment is definitely deducted immediately from the cards. A charge of Alipay bill , identical to PayPal, isn’t possible. This characteristic was abolished in 2016 and harmony credits changed into AliExpress.

You can associate up to five bank cards with your account. To remove a card, select it in the overview and choose “Remove” .

Use Alipay consideration with out a credit card

Contactless repayment by cellular phone

Via the software of Alipay as well the contactless repayment by mobile phone is possible. The app is currently unavailable in German, but just in Mandarin (Chinese) .

However, assuming you have sufficient language skills, you pays via Alipay at participating retailers, in taxis or in the restaurant by cellular phone. In China, all of this is already common today, in other places, the amount of participating stores continues to be limited.

When paying, you only have to log into your Alipay profile and have the barcode scanned . After that confirm the displayed amount and it will be deducted from your own Alipay account.

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